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Our Community Projects aim to provide construction and other core services that we all take for granted (Power, lights, beds and most importantly WATER) to remote villages who have no infrastructure to support these basic of needs. Our current and planned Community Support Projects include:

          1. Beds for Bali
          2. Village Water Construction Projects (Ban Village)
          3. Water Filtration
          4. Solar Light Program (A thousand lights in a thousand homes)
          5. Guttering repairs for water capture to homes
          6. Access ramps and home repairs for the immobile and elderly
Beds for Bali: This project is able to provide bedding through utilizing a $45AUD travel bed providing a soft, comfortable, warm and waterproof mattress for those who have been sleeping on the floor often on bare earth or an old rice sack.

Disability Support: Another of our ongoing projects is providing support to those with disabilities who in these isolated and remote villages often live a very sedentary and isolated life. Our volunteer team has within it rehabilitation and nursing specialists and thus we are able to identify the needs of these people and tailor available (and appropriate) supports to their assistance needs in what are often challenging environments to normal disability support. Through mobility aids, ramps and other such supports we give these people a chance at some mobility and improve their daily lifestyle.