On a beach in Bali in 2020, a self described bogan aussie larrikin would meet the most humble, kind, caring Indonesian woman you will ever meet. As Murray Wilkinson (aka Muzza) watched Vie Olyvia (aka Fe or Hunneeeee) giving up her own Boxing Day to make it special day of those less fortunate. It is here that the start of what is now BaliDonate Organization (BaliDonate.org) was born. 


That Bogan Aussie Larrikin with a heart of Gold (well 9ct gold plated) and the Angel sent to care for others, would form a special bond that ended up in marriage, but also in a life commitment to help those in Bali recovering from the Covid pandemic. Now we are focused on helping those in the poorest and remotest parts of Bali, who live/survive, often in adverse poverty with little food, little or inconsistent (often polluted) water supplies, no access to education and the most basic of housing. 

BaliDonate is a Yayasan (Charitable Organziation) in Indonesia which focuses on programs across Schools and Communities to do what little we can do to make the lives of theses amazingly resilient, yet often very  poor people, just that little bit better.

With a small crew of local and expat volunteers assisting Muzza and Vie, it is YOU our supporters who are the success behind what we do, because without your sponsorship, caring and support we would not be able to deliver our programs to those in need…..